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Spiral welded pipe is made by rolling low-carbon carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel strip into a tube blank according to a certain helical angle, and then welding the pipe seams. It can produce large-diameter pipes with narrow strip steel. Steel Pipe.


Using strips of the same width enables the production of steel pipes of different diameters, especially large diameter steel pipes.

Under the same pressure conditions, the stress of the spiral welded pipe is smaller than that of the straight seam welded pipe.

The size is accurate, the diameter tolerance does not exceed 0.12%, and there is no need for sizing and straightening processes.

In theory, infinitely long steel pipes can be produced, which can increase metal utilization by 6%-8%.

Compared with straight seam welded pipes, it is flexible in operation and convenient in changing varieties and adjustments.


Used in pipelines in petroleum, chemical and other industries for heat exchange, high-pressure heat exchange, pneumatic conveying, etc.

It is used in mineral mining in the mining industry to extract various minerals.

The metallurgical industry is used to smelt various elements such as iron, aluminum, steel, silver, copper, gold, etc.

The power industry is used for power transmission, and the straight tunnel pipeline system is used to erect to reduce losses.

In water conservancy projects, it is used for irrigation and sewage treatment.

The aerospace industry is used for liquid hydrogen spacecraft, rocket launchers, etc.

It is used for hull reinforcement, reserved space, drainage pipes, etc. in shipbuilding.

It is used in pipeline systems such as underground heating, tap water, waterproof and drainage in buildings.

Product TypeSpiral Welded Pipe
Weld Type
Single-sided welding and double-sided welding
StandardGB/T9711-2011, APISPEC 5L, EN10217、EN10219, ASTM, JIS, DIN, etc.
GradeQ235A, Q235B, 0Cr13, 1Cr17, 00Cr19Ni11, 1Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni11Nb, 16Mn, 20#, Q345, L245, L290, 40#, 60#, X42, X46, X70, X80, etc.
Outer Diameter219mm-3048mm
Length6m, 9m, 12m or as required
Standard Export Packing
ApplicationTransport oil, natural gas

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