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Ductile iron pipe refers to the pipe that is centrifugally cast at high speed by a centrifugal ductile iron machine after adding nodularizing agent to molten iron. Mainly used for the transportation of tap water, it is an ideal material for tap water pipelines.


Toughness, high strength and pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of gray cast iron.

The elongation rate can reach more than 10%, the tensile strength is more than 420MPa, and the pressure value is more than 4MPa.

The surface is sprayed with zinc and painted, so it has excellent corrosion resistance.

It has high carrying capacity, adopts flexible interface, and has good reliability.


It has a high pressure bearing capacity, so it is often used in the construction of urban tap water pipelines.

It has good compression resistance and is suitable for urban drainage pipes, industrial waste water discharge pipes, etc.

It has good sealing performance and is often used in the construction of urban gas pipelines.

It can withstand high pressure and high temperature, and can be used in pipelines in petroleum, chemical and other industries.

High corrosion resistance, suitable for water delivery, drainage and other pipes in thermal power plants. 

Product TypeDuctile Iron Pipe
GB/T13295-2019, ISO2531/2003, ASTM, JIS, EN, etc.
K7, K8, K9, K10, C30, C40, etc.
Interface FormT type, K type, N1 type, S type
ProcessingCentrifugal pouring
Minimum Tensile Strength420MPa
Minimum Yield Strength300MPa
Underground drainage and sewage
PackingStandard Export Packing

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